The Eagerly Anticipated Season 2 of “Carmilla” Premieres Tuesday!


The web series Carmilla came into our lives last fall like a wrecking ball with a kitten’s face painted on the side. We didn’t mind the fact that it totally dismantled us, because it gave us so many warm feelings as it did. A lovestruck grumpy vampiress (Natasha Negovanlis) falls in love with her adorably plucky roommate Laura (Elise Bauman), chaos and kisses ensue. As if that wasn’t enough, add in a trio of awesomely brave redheads, non-binary identifying LaFontaine (Kaitlyn Alexander), Type A dorm monitor Perry (Annie Briggs), and Tall Gay Danny (Sharon Belle). The series took off in a way few webseries do, making Carmilla (inspired by the infamous novella by J. Sheridan Le Fanu) an international sensation, and plunging its stars into internet fame.

Season 2 of Carmilla launches tomorrow (Tuesday, June 2nd) and here’s what we know about the new season: very little. Good job on keeping those spoilers close to the vest, Carmilla! But seriously, we do know a few things. Instead of being filmed in Laura’s dorm room, the action moves to a rather spooky Victorian-esque mansion. There are new and exciting cast members, though their roles remain tightly underwraps. Joining Season Two are Sophia Walker as Mattie, Nicole Stamp as Mel, Shannon Kook as Theo and Ian D. Clark as Vordenberg.

In anticipation of the season, Carmilla has been releasing some epic new character posters, to whip us Creampuffs into a frenzy. It’s working. Here are some of the already released ones.

tumblr_np48yu2CZ01tgwsqzo1_1280Could Mattie be the new dean? Who wouldn’t mind getting sent to the Dean’s office now?


tumblr_np4911jqS61tgwsqzo1_1280LaFontaine might be dating JP, but raise your hand if you are on the good ship LaFerry? We know Kaitlyn is.


tumblr_np492ndFCd1tgwsqzo1_1280Oh hi Danny. Grab the smelling salts.


CGbMrjDW8AE7UyhDo you hear that sound, Perry? That’s thousands of Creampuffs screaming in delight. 



Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.43.01 PMOur little Laura sure has grown up. Ready to join the cause?


tumblr_noyurqonz61tgwsqzo1_500Here’s one of Carmilla’s official posters designed by Romans-Art.

Let’s compare our lovebirds Carmilla and Laura from the first season and the second, shall we.

10930_689268464486145_4147328195076054962_nAwww, they are so perfectly mismatched and adorable!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.34.20 AMHoly cats!

We will probably have to wait until tomorrow to see Carmilla’s poster but there’s no doubt that it will be excellent. New episodes of Carmilla will air on Tuedays and Thursdays, or as we refer to them now, Tuesgay and Thursgay. I for one am so proud of this show and the power it has had to bring a very queer story and queer characters, and make it beloved by viewers of all kinds. We will have Natasha Negovanlis as a guest on our Let’s Process podcast in the coming weeks, and we will be bringing you Friday mini-recaps of all the Carmilla goodness, and all sorts of other coverage!

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