TV Alert: Jennifer Beals on “The Bonnie Hunt Show”


Doesn’t it feel like it’s been way too long since you’ve seen Jennifer Beals on a regular basis?

Starting this weekend, we’ll have her back in our living rooms (or your friends’ living rooms — we know how you do) every Sunday. (We won’t talk about what happens after those Sundays are over.) But you can also catch the actress on The Bonnie Hunt Show tomorrow.

Beals most likely will talk about her experience playing Bette on The L Word, as she has been on her last American press tour for the show. In a recent issue of Time Out New York, she said her favorite part of the show was Season 2:

For me it’s like choosing between children, but in terms of work, Season 2 was the most satisfying for me because I was given so much to do and so much to go through. Bette was having a difficult time with Tina, the relationship was not going well, and Bette was acting out. There were a lot of obstacles, which was trying but satisfying.

We agree, Jennifer — it was totally satisfying. Also satisfying to Beals is the effect the show has had on the lesbian community. At the TCA press conference in Los Angeles yesterday, she became emotional while talking about a letter she received that brought her to tears. It was from a 16-year-old girl who was suicidal but, after watching The L Word, felt strong enough to press on and come out to her family.

“[It’s great to] give people any kind of encouragement to be their most authentic self,” Beals said, wiping away tears before joking, “I have a weird disease where I cry in front of large crowds.”

Catch Jennifer Beals on The Bonnie Hunt Show this Friday. Go to bonniehunt.comto find out when it's on in your area.

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