“Marry Me” recap (1.11): F Me


Back in Kay’s apartment, Dennah and Gil sing, “Kay’s got a girlfriend! Kay’s got a girlfriend!”

Kay tries to convince Dennah and Gil that she isn’t in a relationship. The conversation basically goes like this:

“Me? In a relationship? What?”


“Me? A girlfriend?”Me? a girlfriend?

“But I’m a player! I hit it and quit it. I…”

Hit it and quit it

“OK. It’s been two months. I’m not dating anyone else. She spends the night here every night and when she asked for a drawer, I gave her a dresser. I’m in deep.”

I bought her a dresserI'm in deep

Dennah asks her why she doesn’t want to bring her to Annie and Jake’s wedding. Kay admits that she’s scared to make it official.  She doesn’t want to ruin anything. This is the healthiest relationship she’s ever had.

scared to make it official

But Dennah insists that she take the plus one. She’ll just tell everyone that her boyfriend died and everyone will feel sorry for her!

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