“Marry Me” recap (1.11): F Me


Hours later, Dennha is at yoga class. Her go to date is none other than her creepy yoga instructor, who has been offering her “private lessons” for some time now. He’s excited about the prospect of going to the wedding with Dennah since, in his mind, they’ve been dating for three months already. Gil asks every woman he knows but hasn’t been able to score a date. Even asking complete strangers who answer his fake “futon for sale” Craiglist ad didn’t work.  He has no choice but to ask his ex-wife Cassie. Surprisingly, she takes pity on him and not only agrees to go to the wedding, but also to attend the “Wedding Date Duel Down” that the Kevins are hosting to compete for a spot on the guest list.

Wedding Date Duel Down!

Finally, the day of the duel arrives.  Each couple is asked questions to prove their worthiness. Kevin #1 chooses Gil and Cassie, but Kevin #2 picks Dennah and her yoga instructor. It looks like Kay will have to be the tiebreaker!

“What do I know about relationships?” Kay asks.

what do I know?

But Dennah and Gil are too busy trying to butter her up so that she will vote for them. She bolts from the apartment but that doesn’t stop Dennah and Gil. They each show up at her place later with candy to win her over. While outside her apartment door, Gil and Dennah hear Kay giggling with another woman. Looks like Kay is doing what she does best: playing the vagina in a pleasure symphony. But is that all it is?  Gil and Dennah hide when Kay opens the door and when a beautiful woman (Ana Ortiz) walks out with Kay they witness the sweetest, cheesiest goodbye ever.

mystery lady

Kay says, “Oh! Don’t go! I hate it when you leave.”

The mystery lady responds, “Oh, I know Kay-Bae. But I won’t be late. And I’ll bring you back some pot stickers from the restaurant.”

“Oh, yummy! Oh, and can you bring some toilet paper back? We’re almost out.”


They kiss and then, as the mystery lady leaves, Kay throw kisses for her to catch.

When Kay’s guest finally leaves, Dennah and Gil jump out from around the corner.

“You’ve got a girlfriend!” they accuse.

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