“Marry Me” recap (1.11): F Me


Kay has a girlfriend! Kay has a girlfriend! It looks like that in another case of “the lady doth protest too much,” our self-described player may be a one-woman kind of woman after all. Who knew?

Let me start from the beginning.

The Kevins are over for a brunch Annie promised but never delivers and they have some bad news.  It seems that some of the invited guests are adding plus ones and plus twos to their RSVPs to Annie and Jake’s wedding.. The RSVPs have all been calculated and the guest list is now just one person under the venue’s maximum occupancy. But it’s OK! After all, Gil, Kay and Dennah are all still single. Annie and Jake will just have to let their friends know that only one of them can bring a date. When Annie and Jake hesitate, the Kevins volunteer to break the news to them.

The Kevins meet with the group of friends to decide which of the three will be able to bring a date to Annie and Jake’s wedding. Kay opts out right away. She doesn’t mind going stag to the wedding because then she can hit on all the single women.

“I’m a player and my instrument is the vagina,” Kays says.

Gil replies, “Kay-Nasty!”

“Yes, I am! I am nasty,” confirms Kay. She begins to dance in her seat.  “You better know it! You better know it. You don’t even know what I do. You don’t even know!”

You don't even know!

However, Gil and Dennah refuse to give up their plus one so easily. Dennah insists that she must bring a date to Annie and Jake’s wedding because there is nothing more sad and pathetic than to go to your best friend’s wedding alone.  Gil insists that if anyone is pathetic, it is he. He’s divorced! If he shows up to the wedding alone, everyone will know that he is a loser. In order to fairly decide who is allowed to bring a date, the Kevins are hosting a wedding date duel at their apartment the next day. Dennah and Gil have 24 hours to rustle up a prospective wedding date, which the Kevins will quiz to discover which of them is wedding worthy.

Meanwhile, Annie and Jake have another problem on their hands. Last night,  they arrived home after a drunken night at the ballet and discovered a flyer for a building art show.  They added an “F” to the flyer to make the word “fart.” A building fart show! Hahahaha. Those pranksters! Unfortunately, some folks aren’t laughing. Namely, George in 8A who is organizing the art show and Julie (played by the hilarious Jessica St. Clair) who considers the prank a hate crime due to George’s affliction with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She’s calling an emergency meeting to discuss the crime.

annie and jake sneak out

Annie and Jake attend the meeting with the intention of confessing to defacing the flyer. They’re sure that no one really cares about the “F-word” that Julie is so riled up about.  Yet, when they attend the meeting they learn that the whole building is enraged over the incident. The perpetrator, once found out, will be given a strike. Tenants with three strikes are evicted from the building and Annie and Jake already have two strikes. They’ll be no confession now. Annie and Jake sneak out of the meeting.

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