Shane and Lover Cindi come in at number nine on the hottest televised nude scenes of the year


What did we tell you about December and lists? People can’t help themselves! There are a lot of inane bullet points to read around the internet right now, but yesterday, Entertainment Weekly‘s PopWatch made an end-of-the-year list I can get behind. Well, not get behind, exactly — more like a list I can support: TV’s 10 best nude scenes of 2008.

The only lesbian characters on the list were Shane and Lover Cindi (Kate Moennig and Alicia Leigh Willis) from Season 5 of The L Word.

You remember this, don’t you? The nakedness heard ’round the world. The scene in which not only Dawn Denbo’s honor was maligned, but also that of her Lover Cindi’s.

Willis and Moennig came it at number nine.

Lizzy Caplan and Anna Paquin from HBO’s True Blood captured the first and third places on the list. (You go, Janis Ian.)

Number three went to our favorite ganga-peddler, Mary-Louise Parker.

Here’s the full list:

1. Lizzy Caplan — True Blood (HBO)

2. Mary-Louise Parker — Weeds (Showtime)

3. Anna Paquin — True Blood (HBO)

4. Arlene Tur — Crash (Starz)

5. Jenaveve Jolie — Entourage (HBO)

6. Caprice Benedetti — Brotherhood (Showtime)

7. Hayley Marie Norman — Crash (Starz)

8. Cerina Vincent — Manchild (Showtime)

9. Alicia Leigh Willis, Katherine Moennig — The L Word (Showtime)

10. Carla Gallo — Californication (Showtime)

Entertainment Weekly asked, “How come it’s all ladies?”

Silly question. Here’s a better one: Who else should have made the cut?

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