Styled Out: Dressing for the holiday


Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday, dress wise. It’s one of those where everyone is just sort of hanging out all day with no real dress code. It’s sort of one of those occasions that brings to mind the term “business casual.” You know, the most boring and indescript category in the fashion vernacular. What exactly does that mean? Will you be chastised for wearing jeans with a nice sweater?

I generally stick to skirts or what I consider to be a more casual dress. If an A line is something you have on hand, I would say that this above all else is the way to go. Even when paired with a fitted three quarter sleeve top or patterned button down, it projects that you were concerned with looking nice but didn’t go over the top. Moms are also a big fan of the classic. In the same vein, a jumper is also super seasonally appropriate and comfortable to boot. A pair of boots and a cute jumper style dress is all you need to drink and eat in comfort all the live long holiday.

If skirts aren’t really up your alley, and you’re apprehensive about wearing jeans to the annual holiday gathering, corduroys are the most surefire way to accomplish dressy casual. As previously mentioned, they’re also pretty easy to come by, at least this season. If your budget is tight (which a lot of people’s are this year) this is also an item that can be thrifted without looking chintzy. A pressed button down with a tie or even a cozy sweater is a totally appropriate outfit to rock when carving the bird. It really looks swank without much effort and, again, it’s a really comfortable and warm option.

If you are expected to wear an exceptionally dressy ensemble to the table- don’t fret. It’s not too hard to piece together something out of your existing wardrobe. I love Zac Posen’s fall and winter line for inspiration because it’s elegant without being stuffy. Obviously most of us aren’t going to be able to throw down for one of his shirts or even a tie, but Ben Sherman always creates a less expensive alternative with lots of interesting patterns to choose from. A classic striped shirt and a neutral color pant will always shine and the line has plenty on hand. It’s a brand that a lot of retailers carry.

If all else fails for any of the above, try Target. Beyond the usual Isaac Mizrahi business, you’ll find a lot of basics that you can easily recycle for December parties. I happen to really like it when people wear “seasonal” colors. As long as you’re not an explosion of silver or red, it actually looks pretty cute and as though you’re sticking to theme. Besides, stores like Target always have an abundance of Holiday themed accessories that when used in moderation are pretty kitschy and cute, at least around your family.

Bring a poinsettia for the occasion for Mom and you’re pretty much golden.

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