TV Alert: Tyra talks lesbian weddings on today’s show


Love her or hate her, Tyra Banks is a friend of the gays. She’s given many a lesbian a chance to make out with fellow contestants on Top Model, and yesterday, she presented transgender model Isis with gender reassignment surgery. She’s also provided Mr. and Ms. Jay with jobs for years.

On today’s show, titled “Don’t Ruin My Gay Wedding,” Tyra will be talking with a lesbian couple who want to get married, but are upset that one side of the family doesn’t want to attend the wedding. Will Tyra be able to say anything in their favor? Will they at least be happy they got the free trip to NYC? Or will they just come off as unloving parents who are completely homophobic? (Something tells me the latter is inevitable. It is television, after all.)

You can watch the preview of today’s show here.

From the looks of it, the show concludes with the ceremony, and the couple waiting to see if the family shows. I hope it’s a happy ending.

The Tyra Banks Show airs on CW at 5 p.m. EST.