Absolute Last-Minute Gifts That’ll Make You a Superstar


If you are anything like me, you are staring at a pile of unwrapped gifts and a to-do list a mile long. Procrastination around the holidays is as traditional as putting eggnog in your whiskey. (Right, Grandma?) So, now with little to no time to go shopping, how can you still get your loved ones some gifts to knock their jingle socks off? That’s what the internet is for, my dear ones. It’s time to fire up ye ol’ laptops and order some of these terrific gifts.

A ComiXology eGift Card: The online comic book retailer has a huge selection of digital comics and graphic novels. With an eGift Card, your giftee can load it up, and start reading comics right away. Nothing like a little Batwoman, Lumberjanes or Rachel Rising by a roaring fire, or the Yule Log channel.


A subscription to Nibblr: Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving, all year round. Full of individually-wrapped fun and funky snacks, your cousin/uncle/random will get a box of treats each month that they can tailor to their tastes. At $66, it’s hardly breaking the bank, either.


Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus subscriptions: This may seem like a no brainer, but if you have a special someone who is really into television and movies, a subscription to one or all three of these is a great idea. Also, now you don’t have to share your Netflix password with your immediate family, ex-girlfriend and lesbian knitting circle anymore.


Sustainable flowers by The Bouqs: The Bouqs has some gorgeous flowers, but its California collection are grown in eco-friendly farms right in the state. Who doesn’t love flowers? Not only will you be gifting something beautiful, but it’s the kind of gift everyone at your holiday celebration can enjoy. Order today and get a bouquet by Christmas.

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Donation in their name to a favorite charity: Tis the season to give, and some of your more socially conscious giftees will appreciate a donation to worthy organizations. Whether their passion is clean water, human rights, helping the homeless, or any number of amazing causes, there are organizations that could use the donation.

A planned outing: This requires some thought and follow through, but you can really wow someone with a well-planned outing. Find a card, create an adventure. Whether that’s tickets to a show and dinner, a scavenger hunt through the city, or a cooking class, find something they will love, tag along and foot the bill.

Do you have last minute shopping to do? What’s your game plan?


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