Susan Powter thinks it should be obvious she’s a lesbian


Out fitness personality Susan Powter says she’s found a new cure for obesity, which she details in her new book, Eat, Breathe, Move, Think.

On The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet today, she explained that anyone “with a human body” can breathe and be fit. It doesn’t take her long to mention she hates Dr. Phil, no explanation attached. (Click the link above to watch the video.)

But what really comes out of nowhere is Mike interrupting her discussion on wellness with, “Here’s the thing: I didn’t know know you were a lesbian.”

“What planet were you living on?” Powter asks and continues to joke about how obvious it should be. Then Mike and Juliet announce her “lover” used to be a comedian on the show named Jessica Kirson. Susan can’t get over the use of the word “lover” and goes to town, repeating it over and over again.

Mike and Juliet are perplexed that Susan has been “married to men” and is now gay, yet Mike also mentions he’s known her for “18 years.” Uh, really? Were you just not paying attention?

It looks like Powter is making her way back to being a household name with her new book and theories on weight loss and wellness. She currently blogs daily from her website. Here’s hoping her video blogs will tide you over until there’s more wacky TV appearances.