Styled Out: Switching it up


Is everyone at ease in changing up their dress? Kim Stolz is sort of tripping me out. I have to be honest when I say I hadn’t even thought about the girl in ages and she happened to come up in a conversation, so I immediately Google-imaged her.

Wow — the change is nothing short of remarkable. It also made me wonder if she is being swayed by either MTV or her agents to make her appearance more “marketable.” I, for one, was a huge fan of that pixie cut she used to sport. Not many people can pull that look off.

The whole thing was making my mind run. It also reminded me of when an ex of mine completely changed her style upon entering law school to make herself more feminine, and therefore a “more desirable” candidate when entering a law firm. It blew my mind the first time I saw her after she went from full-on “boi” to straight-up girl.

I myself went through a phase for about a month in college where I thought I needed to dress more boyishly and wear zero make up to feel and look more like a lesbian.

Your style is what makes you, and I was totally trying to pull the wool over my own eyes by caving to stereotypes that I didn’t even know were ingrained within me until I exercised them.

Style is an extremely powerful force and it’s refreshing that we have some of the most well known celebrities on the planet as femme representatives. It’s a revolution in itself. It’s also why it sometimes makes people so uncomfortable that Portia or Lindsay are both gay. They are beautiful, stylish and successful women and don’t fit into the mold of what America used to think every lesbian looked like. (Thank God.)

A few years ago I was convinced I might have to off myself if one more person told me that I “didn’t look like” a lesbian. Wow.

Look at Lindsay here:

Stunning. Absolutely breathtaking. She’s living up to every ideal we have in our minds as to what a celebrity should look like. And you know what? I have to eat my own words a bit here when I say her line of leggings (6126) is actually quite good. I still think she wears them a bit too often, but she wears them well and she has interesting taste when pairing them with other garments (very few faux paux).

Did you hear she got the boot from Ugly Betty? Just as well. For a show trying its best to represent realism in the world of high fashion, I felt it was doing rather poorly.

Let’s get Lindsay to guest-star in one of the last eight episodes of The L Word! If only we could send out a petition for the show to please take out that horrifying opening song and replace it with a little, oh, I don’t know, Tegan and Sara ditty. I’d be more thrilled than a gay boy in a pit of sweaty, shirtless dudes. That is a real analogy, folks.

The L Word got a lot of flack when it first emerged, even though it was truly a historical event for lesbians on television. It’s really a good thing, though it’s hard for some of us gay squad members to admit it. We’ve come leaps and bounds since this premiere, truly. And when it comes down to it, nearly everything represented by Hollywood is sensationalized so the fact that they are better looking than a lot of girls you know isn’t really all that weird.

Besides, it’s kind of standard for gay chicks to dress more femininely in L.A., just like anyone involved with any aspect of television, film, etc. (Case in point: Lindsay Lohan, Kim Stolz. We’ve come full circle.)

How do you roll with your style — is it fluid or frigid?

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