New Music Tuesday: 10-28-08


Something worth taking advantage of this week is M.I.A.‘s new digital-only EP, How Many Votes, which is only on iTunes today through Nov. 3. After that, it will be available on other online outlets, but there will not be any hard copies to grab. Ironic how she’s paired up with another “retired” rapper Jay-Z on the remixed track “Boyz.”

Lady GagaThe Fame (Interscope Records)

The ambiguous singer has a style that others are catching on to (see: Christina Aguilera), and her single “Just Dance” was made for accompanying a night out. However, it seems like she might have lent her best songs to the Pussycat Dolls and New Kids on the Block and kept the leftovers for herself.

PinkFunhouse (LaFace Records)

Once you hear “So What,” it’s almost impossible to get out of your head — which means Pink is successful in creating a great single, yet again. The rest of the album follows suit, mixing R&B, rock and pop as the singer is able to do on every release.

Susan TedeschiBack to the River (Verve Forecast Records)

The Grammy-winning blues musician has had a strong career since the 1990s, and on Back to the River, she shows off her sharpened skills. She only gets better on every release, and having written powerful tracks like “Revolutionize Your Soul,” Tedeschi continues to dominate in her genre.

Various artistsOMFGG: Original Music Featured on Gossip Girl No. 1 (Verve Forecast Records)

Consider this a really good mixt ape. Tracks from The Kills, The Ting Tings and Crystal Castles will give you a taste of bands that are worth looking into. In fact, you might want to skip the soundtrack and go right for the bands’ albums — the rest of OMFGG are singular track-worthy only.

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