Lesbian Scientistics: Celesbian art edition


This week, our Scientistics team decided to try our hand at some art. No, not creating art — our skill set is limited to charts made by Excel and Photoshop. We decided to try our hand at appraising art.

We selected three paintings that were up for auction, and taking into consideration all of the information we learned from the headsets at London’s National Gallery and the Louvre, we assigned each painting a monetary value.

This little fingerpainting on canvas we figure could fetch about $50 from a proud parent.

This one is a little creepier, what with the eternal eye starting at you like something Orwellian, but we figure a doting aunt would also pay around $50.

Finally, we figure a coffee shop might pay around $150 for this piece, if it were from a local artist.

Boy, were we wrong. It turns out they went for $770, $710 and $960, respectively — because these painting were created by Tegan and Sara, and Leisha Hailey. They were painted as part of a fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign, which means some eager lesbians with extra pocket money now have new living room decorations.

How does our first assessment of these pieces compare to their actual value?

Basically, being a lesbian increases the value of your creative work about 1,500%.

Our advice to you today: go get some paint brushes. Apparently, the answer to the plummeting economy is finger-painting!

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