Alyson Hannigan announces she’s pregnant


People magazine reported this morning that Alyson Hannigan and husband Alexis Denisof (Angel, Buffy) are expecting their first child, according to Hannigan’s rep.

The Willow-Wesley spawn is due to enter this dimension this coming spring.

As any real Buffy fan will tell you, Hannigan and Denisof met on the set during Season 3, when Watcher Wesley Wyndham-Pryce transferred to Sunnydale to keep a persnickety eye on that juvenile delinquent slash Slayer, Faith (Eliza Dushku).

After a spell of bad timing (they were both dating other people) and Hannigan’s adherence to some silly rule against dating people she worked with, the couple finally got together when Denisof’s character was moved from her show to the Buffy spin-off, Angel.

Thank goodness for crossover episodes and low budget films like Beyond City Limits. Dating someone you work with? No. Working with someone you’re dating? Sure! It’s a fine line.

There’s not much to report when a celebrity becomes pregnant if we know who the father is and drugs aren’t involved. But since we’re here, let’s take a look back through the years at Willow, I mean Alyson, from cute teen to hot soon-to-be baby mama.

The softer side of Sears, 1997.

Willow’s idea of a hot Halloween costume, Season 2.

Getting flamey with Tara, 2000. Magic was a metaphor for the motherland.

Evil Willow, Season 6. What? You never went off the rails at some point in your life?

With Kennedy, Season 7. All grown-up now. Never did make it back to Boystown, did she?

Present day. Lovely — and about to grow.

What was your favorite Willow Alyson phase?

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