Ruby Rose gets hounded by the press


Australian MTV VJ Ruby Rose is a favorite target of her country’s newspapers and tabloids. According to The Daily Telegraph, she’s been spotted publicly kissing a different girl each week — and then they interview said girl just to find out there’s nothing going on.

Rose is an out lesbian who has been linked most famously to Jess Origliasso of The Veronicas, but she told me in an e-mail recently that she’s not involved with her, but that she is “otherwise” involved. Which would make you wonder if the press has gotten it right either time in the last couple of weeks, she was linked to singer Vanessa Amorosi and Australia’s Next Top Model contestant, Samantha Downie. (Both say “No.”)

Ruby with Samantha, Oct. 1

Whether Rose is having fun with the girls or with the press, she doesn’t seem to take it too seriously and just wants to enjoy her job and occasional DJ gigs. However, Defamer posed a good question recently that has made me think a little bit more about the publicity Rose has garnered in her homeland: “Is Ruby Rose Destined To Be Used By Experimental Girls With Boyfriends For All Eternity?”

I suppose it depends on how you view being “used” (and who is using who). Is it that serious, or is the press just really into naming the next hot celesbian couple so they aren’t doomed to use Us Weekly‘s Lindsay and Sam gossip second hand?

The whole “I Kissed a Girl” phenomenon might have fueled the public kiss with Downie, who told The Daily Telegraph she has a boyfriend and “It was just a drunken pash. I wouldn’t have done that sober.”

Got it, the drunk girl excuse. (Seriously, Katy Perry, way to set us back.) As for Amorosi, both she and her manager were elusive about the supposed make-out session at the ARIAS, her manager saying, “They were hanging around together having some fun. I’ve had a few emails from people asking me if anything did occur.”

Ruby with Vanessa, Oct. 19

Since Rose is out (and has been since she was in junior high), it’s really not that important who she’s seen kissing, especially if they immediately try to clear things up by throwing out the boyfriend card or kissing the first thing without a vagina that walks by (“See, I’m not a lesbian — I’m just really drunk and easy!”). But it sucks that she has become tabloid fodder because of straight Australian pseudo-celebrities that want to have their fun for the night and leave it behind the next day.

Just be careful, Ruby. They’ll break your heart every time — if anything actually happened.

Look for an interview with Ruby Rose on soon! You’ll find out what her favorite “lesbian” movie is, and here’s a hint: A swimming pool is involved.

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