Lucy Diakovska gays up Austria’s “Starmania”

on reader Nelfy tipped us off that the Austrian show Starmania — an American Idol-type reality TV show — debuts its fourth season Friday with openly gay Bulgarian pop singer Lucy Diakovska among the show’s three judges.

Lucy in 2008, left, and in 2006

Lucy with the other judges auditioning contestants for Starmania

The show airs on ORF 1, a public access TV channel in Austria that has never prominently featured lesbian or bisexual women in their programming before. (ORF bought the rights to The L Word, but decided against airing it.)

Lucy came out publicly as bisexual several years ago, and had a short relationship with German singer Juliette Schoppmann. She now identifies as a lesbian, and recently broke off her relationship with Bulgarian fashion designer Bojedara Bakalova.

Diakovska with Bakalova at a fashion show in 2008 (left); Juliette Schoppman

Diakovska rose to fame a few years ago as part of the girl group No Angels, which was formed in 2000 as a result of the reality TV show Popstars, and went on to become one of the biggest-selling German girl bands to date. They disbanded in 2003, and Lucy developed a solo career. No Angels reunited in 2006 and is currently working on their fifth studio album.

Here’s a photo of the group (naturally, the queer woman is the one wearing pants):

The women of No Angels

Could that photo be any gayer? (And I don’t mean that as a slur.) All that’s keeping this from looking like a poster for a German pride parade is glitter and a dancing queen.

For more info, check out the No Angels MySpace page, and Lucy’s MySpace page.

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