Leighton Meester models for Marshalls


Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf is no angel. Blair is not above acts of violence such as taking a field hockey stick to her frenemy Serena van der Woodsen’s leg, Tonya Harding-style; nor is she above canoodling with smarmy date rapist Chuck Bass. But this just proves that Leighton Meester, who plays Blair, is a talented actress. In real life, it appears that Meester is as far away from the twisted and destructive Blair as one can get. The only similarity is that both the actress and the character she plays are delicious and have impeccable style.

Whereas last Monday on Gossip Girl Blair attempted to torpedo Serena’s moment on the runway by handing her the wrong dress, last Thursday Leighton Meester took to the runway in New York City’s Union Square to raise awareness about domestic violence.

“I think it’s an issue that everyone can take part in because it applies to everyone,” said Meester. “You can be a victim or someone you love can be a victim. The more people are aware, the more it can be prevented.”

Meester was promoting the “Shop Til It Stops” campaign, which is sponsored by Marshalls. The campaign donates $1 to Safe Horizon for every shoe purchase at Marshalls stores from Oct. 2-16.

Doing good while looking great — Leighton, you’re a doll. If you are reading, you can hit me up any time, even with a field hockey stick.

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