Styled Out: Hat tips


It’s officially autumn and the weather is actually permitting me to layer away without looking out of line. I accidentally looked like a jerk once or twice over the past week when I got far too excited about the impending possibility of being able to don fall clothing — I wore a navy high-necked sweater with wide-legged, heavier-material pants to work one day and those were a long, 80-degree eight hours, my friends. So please excuse my current excitement over the thermometer dip.

One staple for cooler weather that’s so essential yet oft overlooked is the hat. My girlfriend inspires my blogging, and this week’s spout is no exception. Before she left for work Monday, morning she hung her newest cap on my wall. It’s unbelievably cute and I’m entirely envious because, you see, I have gobs of thick curly hair that could never in my wildest dreams fit underneath said cap.

It’s awesome, right? I like the fit of it, and it has a pageboy twist that isn’t mimicking the style closely enough for it to be called anything more than a close relative. They’re actually defining it as “the newsboy.” Thank god, ’cuz the pageboy has become a bit of a burnout. I’ve been seeing a lot of this style in boutiques.

The classic “stocking” cap or “beanie” is a great look as well. They come in every color, and you can find them almost anywhere — even Walgreens! WTF? A peacock blue beanie adds a pop to your ensemble. Some are more detailed and knit with pearling, for example. There are traditional and solidly colored, striped — you get the picture. They’re simple and keep your ears warm, which Mom will remind you is of the utmost importance.

If you’re willing to throw down some cash for woolly warmer hats, check out Brooklyn Industries. Their urban version of the “Bomber” or “Grampa” (as it can sometimes be so affectionately called), earflaps and all, is an interesting take. They have several different styles out right in time for apple-picking season. (Or should I say apple bobbing?) has quite the selection as well, and the price was most definitely right.

The fedora is another classic that’s relatively easy to come by. It’s also made a universal and vigorous comeback recently due to a certain celesbrity DJ who favors the accessory. While not as warm as the previously mentioned, it’s always a winner, dresses up nearly any outfit and is readily available at thrift stores. You’re likely to be looking like an original if you sport this one.

Lastly, I’d like to take a moment to remember some lesbians’ dear old friend, the visor. Let us bury it and give it due respect and vow never to wear one at night again. It’s so inappropriate. You know what I’m talking about: tilted to the side, maybe paired with your favorite oversized plaid golfing shorts — you can bury those too. Not only is summer out, but the visor is dead to us now. On to better and more blustery adventures.

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