Dolly Parton and Jessica Simpson: What a pair


Someone, somewhere told Jessica Simpson to don some turquoise jewelry, some cowboy boots and a big ’ol belt buckle to make the leap from flailing pop singer to country music star. It was probably the same person who told her to pucker her lips and get her brewski on with a no-name beer called Stampede Light, but that’s not the point. The point is that Jessica Simpson is a country music singer now, and her new album features a duet with Dolly Parton that has some seriously bizarre lady-lovin’ lyrics.

On the title track, Jessica sings to Dolly: “Lying here beside you in the dark/I feel the steady rhythm of your heart/Feel your face against my shoulder/Breath upon my skin/Embers barely smoldered/I make love to you again.”

Then she and Dolly join their voices: “Do you know how beautiful you are here in the afterglow … Do you know how much it means to me/The way you make me feel/Like I could soar the heavens/Gathering shooting stars/Place them in a bouquet/In a rainbow-studded jar.”

Simpson’s new album, and indeed this very song with Dolly, is called Do You Know?

Do I know what exactly, Jessica Simpson? That “Nothing in the world compares to this/The way our bodies fit/The way we kiss” in reference to another woman?

Yeah, I know. Do you know? (I’m thinking probably not)

Listen to Jessica and Dolly’s duet, and let us know what you think.

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