“Weeds” mini-cap: Intervention


Whoa! What’s this show about again? Bad parenting? Cocaine? Pharmaceuticals? Interventions? Ayuasca? Under age sex trade? Under age sex, in general? Illegal immigration? Cheese? It seems that marijuana is soooo season one.

“The Love Circle Overlap” had me as dazed and confused as Nancy was after she drank Ayuasca for her headache. But there were several worthwhile it’s-about-time moments this week. At last, Isabelle orchestrated an intervention for Celia. I was beyond annoyed that Capt. Till let Celia’s sorry ass out of jail! I bet Isabelle felt the same.

Just like most interventions, Celia is in denial about her addiction. But unlike most interventions, Celia was handcuffed to her bedpost while she was passed out in a drug stupor because everyone knew that when Celia woke up she wouldn’t just sit there politely and listen to the truth about herself.

Celia justifies her use by blaming her ex-husband and her own kids for her misery. Aw, what a sweet mother of the year moment. Isabelle runs down all the hurtful and mean-spirited things Celia has done to her, but gives Celia a pass because at least she wasn’t a zombie, which is what she is now. Celia gives Isabelle a “whatev, beyotch” attitude, so Isabelle pulls out the big emotional gun: She’s going to tell Celia’s mother on her. Gasp! Who knew that some one actually birthed Celia Hodes? I thought she just organically developed from mutated post apocalyptic matter.

Oh, Andy locates MerMex and plans to have her meet up with downer Doug. Yay! When Doug thinks that he’s slipped away from the vigilante guy, Andy brings Maria and a few others across the border and merriment erupts. The only problem is that vigilante guy hadn’t left, and catches Doug being a big fat traitor. Andy and Doug plead with the guy not to rat them out to the Feds. The vigilante cuts them a deal: He’ll give them a running start from the border patrol but they have to leave behind one of the other immigrants. Andy and Doug toss some dude out of the van to be hunted like a wild animal. Good times. I wonder if word gets back that El Andy is El Sellout.

The real doozy this week comes when Nancy realizes that she is full of crap. This includes accepting that she’s an awful parent and there is no such thing as being an innocent drug trafficker. Most of us already know this, but Nancy has always thought that being involved only in marijuana, buying, growing, selling and even trafficking large quantities of it was a morally neutral position.

She begins questioning her involvement at this trafficking level when Guillermo comes through the tunnel with a girl that looks to be younger than 18 and somewhat sedated. Guillermo tells Nancy that it’s his cousin and that he’s bringing her to the states to attend massage school. Riiight. The girl looks back at Nancy with worry. Nancy instantly gets a headache. I did, too. WTF?

Nancy then returns home to find Shane and his two female groupies sitting suspiciously close to each other on the couch studying something. The three say that it’s a science project and Nancy continues upstairs to deal with her huge headache.

Later that evening, Nancy goes on a date with Esteban and as things begin to heat up, Nancy is nearly incapacitated by another headache. Esteban calls in his medicine man and the Ayuasca journey begins. Talk about overkill. What’s wrong with a couple of aspirin? What Esteban suggested was sort like clipping a hang nail with a machete.

Esteban tells Nancy that drinking this stuff is equal to 10 years of psychotherapy and Lord knows that Nancy would benefit from that. The medicine man offers Nancy a cup then suddenly withdraws it because he can tell that she has something awful on her mind and may not be able to handle the hallucinogen. But Esteban, in his ever controlling way, insists that it’s cool to give Nancy the stuff so Nancy begins this awful trip down what-the-hell-am-I-involved-in lane. The medicine man keeps saying, “Now, you know. No more hiding. It’s out.” I wanted to run and take a shower to get the ick off of me from this possible new story line angle.

To make matters worse, to go on her date, Nancy left Silas in charge of Shane. Silas was also babysitting a really obnoxious Rad for Lisa who had some custody hearing with her ex. So, when 13-year-old Shane and the groupies finally decide that it’s time to do their science project on each other in the bedroom, Silas, being the nurturing big brother, pretty much makes fun of Shane for being scared of actually having sex with the two girls. Like Silas, Mr. Cheese, could handle a Camembert and Herve sandwich. I don’t think so.


Nancy drags Andy out of bed for a heart-to-heart on the beach about what an idiot she is and how far up denial river she’s traveled without a paddle. She begins to see the girl from the tunnel in the surf at the beach, but when Andy looks there is no one there.

So, uh, what does she know now? What’s now out? What’s no longer hiding? Heck, I may go into hiding. This episode sent the season somewhere I never expected. Am I way off base with this? Is Guillermo just playing mind games with Nancy? On a lighter note, it was funny watching Sanjay and Clinque and the baby. Will they stay in Ren Mar? Please.

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