Vanity Fair recognizes androgynous fashion


Among the fashionistas like Ivanka Trump and Carla Bruni-Sarzoky (the cover model), Vanity Fair has chosen a couple of worthy women for this year’s “International Best-Dressed List.” I’m not talking about the obvious choices like Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelia Jolie; I mean the androgynous ones who dare to wear pants, suits, and otherwise male-identified clothing and look better than both sexes at events and in the limelight.

Actress Tilda Swinton may have been chosen “because she’s a great Scot,” but I can think of more specific reasons to include her as a fabulous dresser. She stands out not only because of her striking eyes, cheekbones and bright red head of hair, but her style remains classic simple to compliment her natural features. She’s not afraid to wear a gown, but she always looks dapper in a button-up blouse or blazer.

Writer Fran Lebowitz made the list for the second year in a row, this year as a “2008 Hall of Fame Inductee.” Before I cover her fashion, I’d like to give her a virtual round of applause for not taking this list seriously at all. Each person chosen answered a survey of their favorite places to shop, etc. and Fran’s answers are, well, not really answers such as “Residence: Yes. Age: Absolutely.” My favorite, however, is her answer to “Favorite Vintage Store” in which she answers “The Strand bookstore,” a well-known staple of New York City where they, indeed, sell only books.

Back to the issue at hand, however: Fran Lebowitz wears tuxedos and three-piece suits and she wears them well. In fact, she’s been donning them for years, so it’s possible Tilda has received some influence from her fellow Best Fashion-lister.

If there’s one thing I can truly appreciate about the Vanity Fair list, though, it’s that it is different from those done by the other celeb magazines that list Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff. Compared to these women, they are fashion victims. We all are!

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