Photos of the 2008 France Meet-Ups in Paris and Lyon


Last week Lori, Sarah, Bridget and I flew to France for an Olivia cruise, and along the way had two opportunities to meet yet more of our fabulous readers.

Our first stop was in Paris, over what just happened to be gay pride weekend. We were blown away by the big turnout, and so grateful to make some new friends!

Paris Meet-Up

Lori and an AE reader

Sarah and one of the Paris meet-up organizers, Mari

Bridget gives Alex a lift

Bridget, Karman, Sarah and Lori raise the flag

Bridget to the rescue!

Lori and Ilona

Bridget and some AE readers ham it up

Super Gay!

Bridget inexplicably signs a shoe

Sarah, Lori, Bridget and I signed The Big Gay Bag

Our next stop was Lyon, a much smaller but equally beautiful city. As in Paris, our meet-up location was in the cave-like basement of a gay bar. Don’t worry, we didn’t feel slighted. We had the coolest room in the bar! (Yes, ladies, France was hot that week.)

Lyon Meet-Up

Karman, Julia and Bridget

Debie, Karman, Sandrine and Bridget

Three fabulous AE readers

Bridget and an AE reader strike a pose

Karman and Neo shout at the devil

Neo and Bridget perform "Umbrella" (Rihanna could not be reached for comment)

Sarah, Marilyne and Lori

In both meet-ups, we took questions about the site’s past and future, and encouraged AE readers to start making their own vlogs and blogs. We need more out lesbians on the interweb!

Thanks to Mari, Anais, and everyone else who helped organize the meet-ups, and to everyone who braved the heat to come introduce themselves to us and one another. It was wonderful to meet you all. We took a few pictures of our own, but many of the other photos shown here are from from readers–thanks to everyone who sent them in!). Viva la France!


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