Anna Faris becomes a Playmate


Is there an actress that you would see in any film, no matter what it’s about? Like literally no matter what &#8212 aliens could be attacking earth in search of the galaxy’s next pop star and you would see this movie just because insert actress name was in the movie. This is exactly how I feel about Anna Faris. I would watch her in anything.

Most of us got our first introduction to Faris in the Scary Movie films — if there was any reason at all to keep coming back for second and thirds of this trilogy, she was more than likely that reason. Faris can take the most mundane line in a movie and make it hilarious through her delivery and facial expressions. Now she is starring in the new comedy, The House Bunny, which premieres in August. Here is a peak at the trailer:

Faris plays a Playboy Playmate that has gone out to pasture at the ripe old age of 27. She is evicted from the Playboy Mansion and heads out into the world armed with only her talents as a Playboy Centerfold, which is not exactly an arsenal. Somewhere along the line she ends up finding her place as den mother to a gaggle of geeky sorority girls that could use her expertise to make them cool. (I smell makeover montage.) How do we know they are not cool? Well let’s take a look:

Before Playmate intervention (as seen in the trailer):

Glasses? Check.

Clothing that is not sewed onto their bodies? T-shirts and flannel, check.

No detection of any roused cheeks or glossy lips? None at all.

Back brace? Uh, sure.

After Playmate intervention:

Long flowing hair? Check.

Stiletto heels? The higher the cooler.

More skin than clothes? Are you blind? Check.

Bold colors? Is fuschia bright enough for you?

Dangly heart shaped earrings? Got ‘em.

Bedazzled back brace? Ah, so much better.

Um, is that American Idol runner up, Katherine McPhee? Why is she acting and not singing? I thought she wanted to be a singer. Isn’t that why I texted my vote for her and paid those standard text messaging rates? All this time I thought she wanted to make bad music and here she is starring opposite — wait is that Rumer Willis? Spawn of Bruce and Demi? OK I started out wanting to see this movie because of my appreciation of Anna Faris and now I think I want to see this movie purely because it seems to be a jumping board for a new breed of Hollywood actresses that have secretly always wanted to act.

If you can’t get enough of a Faris fix from The House Bunny, you can also find her bringing her character to life (so to speak) in the August issue of Playboy when she graces its pages. Now before you run off to your favorite local Playboy retailer just know that you will get to see Faris but not all of Faris. She will be leaving some things to the imagination, but don’t let that stop you from buying it; I hear the articles in that magazine are very good.

Do you think you will be checking out The House Bunny?

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