The new LG phone has a creepy Secret


I love shiny electronic gadgets. Mobile phones. Laptops. MP3 players. Garage door openers. You name it, I love it. I do not, however, love all the advertising for said shiny electronic gadgets. In fact, some of it I hate. In particular, I hate the ad for the new LG Secret.

First of all, they named their phone “Secret” which seems counterintuitive if they want people to actually know about and buy their product. But that’s a mere quibble compared to what’s really wrong with the LG Secret. Take a look at its European viral ad campaign and tell me if you can spot the problem.

Who, exactly, are they marketing this phone to? Stalkers? Potential rapists? The creepy guy who lives upstairs? Now I know why they named it Secret.

The spot is so wrong in so many ways: Voyeurism, unwanted fondling, bad porn music – I could go on and on. But ultimately it’s just another in a long line of infuriatingly sexist ads that turns women into servile sexual objects for the menfolk to ogle and possibly paw. Gosh, and I thought phones were for making calls. Silly me.

And this isn’t the only time LG has touted the stalkerish alternative uses for its phones. Here in the states a new ad for the LG Shine features The Hills stars (wait, is that too strong a word?) Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad. As a pair of attractive women walk past him, Jenner picks up his mirror-topped phone to catch them on the flip-side, so to speak. Well at least she calls him on his piggish behavior.

Sigh. This is precisely why I’m buying an iPhone next month.

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