Angelina Jolie is not just a (really, really) pretty face


Do you ever wonder what other people’s to do lists look like? Take Angelina Jolie for example. Her list probably looks like this:

1) Continue search to find lipstick worthy of my lips

2) Press tour for Kung Fu Panda

3) Press tour for Wanted

4) Plan wedding to Brad now that gays can get married in California

5) Incubate Pitt-Jolie twins

6) Take care of four children

7) Practice martial arts for continued awesomeness

8) Debut three films at Cannes

And that’s just on a Monday!

Last Friday, on World Refugee Day, The United Nations Refuge Agency aired a public service announcement recorded by Jolie. While images of displaced persons flashed on the screen, Jolie said, “They have survived war, they have survived displacement, they have survived rape, they have survived hunger and disease. For those who have survived and for those who did not, we are thinking of you on this day.”

Jolie is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNCHR, and has been since she witnessed poverty and displacement firsthand while she was filming the first Tomb Raider in Cambodia. She has also started a foundation with Brad Pitt to help families who have been displaced. Last year they forked over eight million dollars for their foundation. And most recently they’ve donated an additional million dollars to the YMCA Hero operation for American children who have lost a parent in the war in Iraq, and Iraqi children who have been displaced by the war.

While she was recently out tackling number three on her to do list, E! Online ranked her Top 9 body parts. Their list looks like this: 1) Lips 2) Eyes 3) Trigger Finger 4) Brain 5) Left arm 6) Uterus 7) Hips 8) Breasts 9) Forehead mole. They suggested renting Taking Lives for the bedroom scene, but advised us to pretend Ethan Hawke is not there. That is so not a problem.

Yesterday my to do list read: “Pick up cat food. The cat can’t survive on Doritos forever.” You might say that makes Angelina Jolie better than me. It does not. What makes Angelina Jolie better than me is that she’s tutoring little Sudanese children, and I forgot the cat food.

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