San Francisco Meet-Up Photos


Last Sunday, much fun was had by all who attended the Meet-Up in San Francisco. Karman Kregloe, Bridget McManus, Malinda Lo and Sarah Pecora were in attendance, and a guest appearance was made by She Got Me Pregnant vloggers Dana and Helen. Here are some of the pictures from the meet-up to give you a taste of what went on (I’m leaving out photos of what happened after the Jell-O shots arrived!).

Apologies in advance if you were there and you don’t see yourself. I tried to include as many different folks as possible but I know I missed a lot of you. Thanks so much for coming out and meeting up!

Sarah, AE reader AJ, and Malinda

Malinda’s Asian posse! (non-Asians welcome)

Bridget, an AE reader, and her personalized autographs


Karman compares her new tattoo to an AE reader’s autograph

Sarah, AE reader Wendy, and Malinda

Karman with She Got Me Pregnant‘s Helen and Dana

Filmmaker Jenni Olson and Malinda

Karman and Bridget give away passes to Wanted

Malinda challenges Sarah to an arm-wrestling match

Karman takes on the victor

The end!

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