Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff get their motors running


You know when you learn something about a celebrity you like that you wish you hadn’t? Like, I don’t know, they kick their dog or they call their children pigs or they vote Republican? Well, this is not one of those times. This is one of those times when you learn something about a celebrity you like that you wish you knew earlier. Like when I read this week in the Los Angeles Times about Battlestar Galactica stars Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff’s love for motorcycles.

They report also includes a video of Tricia and Katee riding and talking about motorcycles. But, um, no one here would be interested in seeing the Battlestar babes decked out in tank tops and leather jackets while riding motorcycles, would you?


Wow, I’m not even that into motorcycles and that made me want to buy a Harley and unleash my inner Easy Rider. The report discussed the lack of female riders, a problem we’ve noted here before, both in real-life and the screen.

The women will help try to rectify that problem a bit by riding bikes in their upcoming TV roles. Helfner will ride in an upcoming episode of the USA show Burn Notice where she will play a “slinky spy.”And Sackhoff has worked her cycle skills into her character’s persona for her recurring appearances on the new season of Nip/Tuck.

Katee will play an anesthesiologist with a “fondness for body ink and bikes” who becomes the love interest of Dr. McNamara. Damn, now I have to start watching Nip/Tuck again.

Both women said their interest in motorcycles started young from driving all-terrain vehicles and the like. Now they said they ride because they were tired of sitting on the back of their boyfriend/husband’s bike. The friends said they would like to change the perception that women can’t ride.

As Katee said, people assume “that we’re on the back of the bike making sandwiches.” Nope, not a sandwich in sight. Just a bunch of cool women and their big toys. See, sometimes it’s good to learn things about celebrities.

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