Portia de Rossi and Chloë Sevigny share their favorite Sonic Youth songs


I never quite pegged Portia de Rossi as a Sonic Youth fan, but then again, I never knew she was one of us until she started making out with Ellen. At any rate, the actress has good taste in both music and women (obviously), as she’s recently contributed to a compilation of Sonic Youth tracks called Hits are for Squares, sold exclusively at Starbucks.

Portia’s pick: “Dissapearer.” If we were to de-construct the song and lyrics like “You’ve been away too long / It’s been way too long / An eastern star is on / A disappearer,” we have to say that maybe Ellen needs to be home more often.

Another fan of the grunge-punk band is Catherine Keener, whose pick was “Bull in the Heather.” And Michelle Williams chose “Shadow of a Doubt” (I can totally see her rocking out to Sonic Youth in her Brooklyn pad, or just hanging out with Kim and Thurston playing Rock Band with their kids.)

Diablo Cody chose a cover for her ultimate SY pick, which is odd despite it being an amazing one. “Superstar” was recorded by the band for a Carpenters‘ tribute album, and their hyped-up reverb made the song their own, yet it’s still not theirs. This is the best Cody could come up with?

Scene queen Chloë Sevigny chose a depressing song, “The World Looks Red,” which is either a cry for help or a cry for more street cred. However, she’s known Kim since back in the day, when she was a model for Kim’s clothing line, x-girl. Maybe she just really likes that song.

Enough of my judgments: the real reasons the celebs chose the songs they did comes with the CD itself. Will you be heading to Starbucks for your own copy or can you live without knowing why Portia listens to “Dissapearer”?

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