TV Alert: Are you ready for Betty, “Ugly Betty,” that is?


It’s been three months, to the day, since our last Betty Suarez pratfall. Three months, to the day, since our last Wilhelmina Slater cocked eyebrow. Three months, to the day, since our last Mandy and Marc madness. I think it’s safe to say, we’re all ready for Betty, wouldn’t you? Ugly Betty returns to the air tonight with its first post-strike episodes, and not a moment too soon.

All photos courtesty of ABC/Vivian Zink

The campiest show on television is back for five all new episodes. The series will pick up on Betty’s 24th birthday. What can we expect? Well, since this season has already seen a death, near-death, near-wedding, baby mama drama, baby daddy drama, artificial insemination, amnesia and Posh Spice, I’d say just more of the same old, same old.

In honor the return of America Ferrera and company, the terrible twosome of Becki Newton and Michael Urie (aka Mandy and Marc) have recorded the show’s first-ever video podcast. Yes they call it a “video podcast” and not the shorter, more succinct “vlog.” Gosh, is The L (Wrong) Word-iness contagious? Regardless the terminology, the clip is fun and now I cannot stop singing “Ready For Betty.” I really can’t. I’ve tried everything.



The one possible downer in all this Betty-liciousness? After the strike there was a big behind-the-scenes shakeup on staff. The studio axed two of the show’s executive producers, Marco Pennette and James Hayman. The shift also apparently meant changes in the writers’ room. Does this mean changes for Wilhelmina’s withering wit?

It’s too early to tell. But I do know the changes have prompted series regular Rebecca Romijn, aka Alexis Meade, to cut-back on her appearances. Rebecca told the New York Post gossip blog Pop Wrap:

“They made a tremendous amount of changes, especially with the writing staff (during the writer’s strike). And while I know I’ll be coming back next season, with all the changes, I’m not sure they can take care of my character they way they have been. So I’ll be leaving, back in a recurring capacity, but time for me to leave and find something else.”

No, not less Alexis. Who will be the show’s fierce tranny hot mess now? Oh, wait, I see.

Actually, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano is only guest starring May 1. But I’m sure it’ll be totally ferosh. So, how ready for Betty are you?

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