Agyness Deyn brings androgyny back


Being hailed as the next Kate Moss, British model Agyness Deyn oddly looks nothing like the infamous supermodel. She has super-short blond hair, and her personal style is more leather jackets and black jeans than dresses or tights.

Even on the runway or on the cover of British Vogue, she is a mix of masculine and feminine, and her androgynous look is popping up everywhere (she’s currently in ads for Burberry and Georgio Armani).

The New York Times recently wrote, “Boy-short, peroxide-blond heads of hair are appearing all over fashionable London, replacing the long and shaggy locks that were the dominant look of the last few years.” Someone call Jenny Shimizu — it would appear that androgyny is making a comeback. (Not that it went away in the gay community, but in mainstream fashion, it’s always a fleeting fad.)

Deyn is (sadly) straight, but the fact that her look is being hailed as hot while being featured in the mainstream media is kind of awesome. Who doesn’t appreciate variety — especially when it comes in a lesbian-looking package? Perhaps she’ll open the door for less feminine models to have successful careers without having to alter themselves into a more feminine version of themselves (cough — Kim Stolz — cough).

Meanwhile, here’s one more pic of Agyness:

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