Fun gifts for obsessive fans


When I was a youngster who read BOP and Tiger Beat, collecting New Kids on the Block items was simple. There were mass-produced buttons, puzzles, bed sheets, sleeping bags, dolls, curtains and rain coats (yes, I had one.) But why would you want the same thing every other fan has? To really set you apart, there are smaller companies and indie crafters who are giving us more things to collect in proof of our love for the famous.

Perhaps you have a friend who would never deny her love of Hilary Duff, even if it means she loses cool points in front of a prospective date. She can send out warning signals ahead of time by wearing this shirt by Busted Tees. Some might even think she’s just being ironic, which might look better for you if you’re serving as her wing woman for the night.

After watching But I’m A Cheerleader for the first time, who isn’t a Clea DuVall fan? San Francisco-based crafter terriclaude is so into the actress that she is selling a one-of a kind “Obsessing Over Clea DuVall Embroidery” on She knows her stuff — the embroidery features Clea’s two tattoos of “Lucky” and “7.” And you thought you were her biggest fan!

If you can’t get enough of Katherine Moennig, you can bring her with you wherever you go by purchasing a bottlehead ring, brooch, necklace or keychain. As the crafter (bottlehead on notes in the listing, “Now you can look at Shane all day, you big lesbian!” Well, what else do you have to do, right?

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