Natalie Portman just wants one good role


I’ve always admired Natalie

. Besides being this generation’s go-to gamine and heir

apparent to Audrey Hepburn, her public persona has been

one of a smart, responsible, civically minded and non-panty-flashing

young star. At 26, she already has a Golden Globe, an Academy Award nomination

and a Harvard degree. So if even Natalie is having a hard time getting

good scripts, you know something is rotten in the state of Hollywood.

While doing

with co-star

Scarlett Johansson
for their new film The Other Boleyn Girl,

Natalie bemoaned the lack of good roles for women.

“I’ve recently been getting

frustrated. [turns to Scarlett] I don’t know if you’ve had this

experience, but we’re probably seeing a lot of the same variety of

what’s out there, but I mean the number

of roles for strippers or prostitutes — or the opposite — which, is

like, ‘She’s the moral center of the film! She’s the pure one.

She’s the one that makes the man realize who he should be,’ you

know? That sort of dichotomy exists so strongly, it’s like the virgin/whore

thing evident to the greatest extent. So that’s really been bothering


Ahh, the old Madonna/whore

complex. Not sure what to do with that pesky female character, script

writers? Make her a virginal maternal figure. Oh, you want to get teenage

boys into the seats? Then totally make her a slut. Heck, this stuff

practically writes itself. While Natalie has managed to avoid most of

the stereotypical traps many actresses fall into early in their careers,

she has had a couple roles that fell roughly along those old battle


So what’s a young actress

looking for a long career to do? Well, besides working with a foundation that

finances women-owned businesses

in developing nations and starting your own vegan shoe line? She just has to keep looking.

“Sort of finding a character

who is complicated, like the women in (The Other Boleyn Girl),

is very, very exciting. Also, I love comedies so much, but any kind

of comedy the girl’s like ‘in fashion’ or she’s really into

clothes, or like, she just wants to get married. Those are not values

that I care to jump on the bandwagon of. I’d love to do a comedy.

I’d love to do a romantic comedy, but you don’t find something

where the woman has, like, a real job…. so yeah, it is frustrating,

but I also don’t want to bitch about it.”

No, please, keep bitching.

It’s not good to repress. I’ll happily wait.

Up next for

Natalie is My Blueberry Nights, which has already opened overseas

and will start screening in the States in April. The film, which also

stars Rachel Weisz and Norah Jones, centers on a cross-country

road trip. But plot, schmot: Any movie that puts Norah and Natalie in

the same bed is A-OK in my book.

After that, Natalie stars in

the war drama Brothers, about a man (played by Tobey Maguire)

who leaves to fight in Afghanistan and asks his brother (Jake Gyllenhaal

) to look after his wife (Natalie) and child. While the role sounds

interesting, as does the love triangle that develops, it’s called

and not Wife, so one could infer that the men’s

roles are at the film’s core.

So, do you agree with Natalie’s

assessment of female roles in Hollywood? And, judging by Natalie’s

hilarious skills in that now infamous SNL digital

, who else

thinks we’re being cheated out of a great comedic performance? Let’s

relive the magic, for old times’ sake.

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