3Way Premiere Party Photos


This weekend in L.A., Karman and I attended the premiere screening of 3Way, the lesbian web series launching on 3WayTV.tv (and AfterEllen.com) on February 4.

You’ll get more about the party from Karman in this Friday’s Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever., along with a lengthy and hilarious behind-the-scenes video of Karman and Bridget McManus playing word-association games and “shag, marry or push off a cliff” with the celebrities (there was also a spanking and a marriage proposal at one point — yes, it was that kind of night).

But here are a few photos from the event to tide you over until then:

The cast of 3Way — Maile Flanagan, Jill Bennett, Maeve Quinlan and Cathy Shim — with Kelly Hu (X-Men 2)

Maeve Quinlan with Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy)

Christina Cox (Blood Ties, Better Than Chocolate)

Maeve Quinlan with the cast of South of Nowhere

Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere)

Ashleigh Sumner (And Then Came Lola)

AfterEllen.com vloggers (Top: Dara Nai, Bridget McManus, Cathy DeBuono, Karman Kregloe, Jill Bennett; Bottom: Sarah Warn and Lori Grant)

Lesbians in Black

Check out the rest of the photos at 3WayTV.tv, and stay tuned for Friday!

(All photos taken by Faye Sadou)

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