Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire primary



from New Hampshire tonight: Hillary Clinton garnered

39% of the vote among Democrats, making her the first woman EVER to win a primary

in the United States
. That’s an amazing (and long-overdue) feat worth celebrating,

regardless of how you feel about Hillary, or whether you even plan to

vote for her (I’m torn, personally, between Hillary and Barack, for a variety of reasons too complicated to go into this late at night).

Barack Obama came in second with 34% of the vote, and John

came in third with 17%.

In the Republican camp, John McCain claimed victory with 37%

of the vote, beating out Mitt Romney (32%) and Mike


The folks over at the LGBT political blog VisibleVote08.com

(owned by Logo) liveblogged the New Hampshire primaries tonight. (They added

over 50 posts in the last few hours! Geez, and I feel like a triathlete when

I can manage a single blog post covering the Golden Globes Emmys.) Here

are some of the more entertaining highlights from their coverage — click

on the headline to read the full blog post:


The Clinton campaign is stunned. The media is stunned. The pollsters are

stunned. Women went hard for Hillary – and she won New Hampshire.


youth and vigor — and that jacket!

For Hillary Clinton’s victory speech tonight, she replaced the hoary

crew she had standing behind her in Iowa (Madeleine Albright, Wesley Clark,

other old folks) with fresh-scrubbed young college kids (she was speaking

on the campus of Southern New Hampshire University, after all). Good move!

She looked enthused and vibrant, and buoyed by the youthful energy backing

her up. “I found my own voice,” she said, thanks to the people

of New Hampshire…

It was a jazzed, good speech. Upbeat and forward-looking! And for her exit

music? Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” Ha! Nice choice…

(Even if it does remind me of Silence of the Lambs.)


came off as more gracious

This is the type of political yakking I despise but I have to say it: I think

Obama was more gracious in his speech than Clinton. Granted maybe the loser

always has to show more class (unless you are Alan Keyes), but Clinton’s

speech seemed to lack the humility that Obama’s had. He made it about

the voters. She made it about her website.


Gracious Victory

I’m a devout Democrat, and I’m excited about our three leading

Democratic candidates. But I have to say, for a Republican, John McCain doesn’t

make me gag. Just now as he delivered his victory speech he was gracious and

stressed the role of community service as the most important duty of a politician.

He even commended his fellow Presidential hopefuls, including the Democrats,

for fighting the good fight. Am I deluded? And yes, I know he’s very,

very old. But is he possibly a Republican candidate, agree with him or not,

with — gasp — integrity?


Edwards Concedes

Well, she introduces her husband’s concession, saying that they were

going to stay in it and fight step by step.

Rudy Giuliani: Hi New Hampshire! Bye New Hampshire!

New Hampshire’s 4th place GOP-er, Mayor Rudy, just chatted for the

cameras and the folks at his HQ in Manchester, NH. He congratulated tonight’s

winners (McCain for the Repubs, who he didn’t name) and spouted some

gung-ho rhetoric. “This is just the beginning” he’s promising

of his campaign. “Think of it as the kickoff of what’s going to

be a very long and tough game… But by the end it’s clear I’m

going to be the nominee of the party.” Um, really?

Ron Paul won’t stop talking

Did Ron Paul pop an Adderall before hitting the stage? I’m not sure if he’s declaring victory or conceding, or if he even knows where he is. For someone who wants the government to stay out of my life, he’s sure taking up enough of it tonight. Ack! Anybody got a tranquilizer? Blow-darts?

What are your thoughts about the NH primary? Reactions? Favorite moments? Discuss!

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