“Sex and the City” film catches fever


They’re baaaack! Yes, the fabulous foursome of Sex and the City is back. The first teaser trailer for the SATC movie came out yesterday. I’ll admit it; I got a little sentimental when I heard the theme again. I half expected to see Carrie in that pink tutu dress getting splashed by that bus. And as much as I want to toast the movie and the gals, I can’t help wondering: Will it work?

I watched all six seasons of the hit HBO series. I even hosted a premiere party or two, complete with appletinis. And when it ended in 2004, I thought it went out on a pretty darn-near-perfect note in terms of wish fulfillment. So now, almost four years later, what exactly is left to tell? Well, the trailer doesn’t let too much slip, unless a woman trying on fancy white dresses means something to you. [To see the trailer in hi-def, click here.]



So, what do you think? Does the sight of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall together again make you squeal?

How about SJP’s flat-as-an-ironing-board 42-year-old abs?

Or the prospect of Sex and the City: Now With More Lesbian, thanks to Cynthia?

Perhaps Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson (as Carrie’s assistant) is telling you to see this film?

And finally, am I the only one who is reading this scene as a younger, gayer version of the fab four cruising Carrie? Sorry, that’s probably just my Wishful Lesbian Thinking cropping up again.

The movie is slated for a May release. For me, the teaser worked. Hearing SJP’s trademark voiceover once again made me want a cosmo and some serious girl talk. How about you — after seeing the trailer, are you more or less ready for the continued adventures of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha?

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