TV alert: “Damages” finale tonight


It’s been a bumpy first season for Damages. I’ve eagerly anticipated every episode, and I’ve even felt reasonably satisfied each time the credits have rolled — especially if I’ve been treated to a gratuitous shot of Glenn Close strutting in her perfectly tailored trousers.

So I’ll be sad to see it go, but I’ll be really, really glad to get some answers. Did Patty Hewes get her hooks into absolutely everyone, including Rose Byrne‘s character’s husband’s stalker? (Ouch, sorry about that.) Does Patty have any kind of moral center? Has Ellen Parsons become just as heartless and evil? And above all, what the hell are they going to do next season?!

The finale is tonight on FX — it airs twice back-to-back, so watch it and then watch it again. You know, for the eye candy if nothing else.

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