Embarrassing movie posters


Yesterday Cinematical offered insight into what somebody has

called the most embarrassing movie posters of all time. And it’s

true; they’re enough to make you wonder a) who thought that was a good

idea and b) how they managed to convince the person with the money that

this was a good idea. Here are a few of the best (by which I mean

campiest) to bring a little comic relief to a Friday.

One ever-popular subject is

the sex-starved and/or man-hating woman. It’s not enough to be

a bad girl: The baddest bad Earth girl couldn’t compete with the

Devil Girl From Mars

And here’s a peek into some

guy’s worst nightmare. In The Ship of Condemned Women,

hell hath no fury like “THE FURY OF 100 LOVE-STARVED WOMEN!”

“Adventure and Excitement

You Will Long Remember!” Well, if you say so.

And then there are the trashtastic

B-movie damsel-in-distress posters. It’s not enough to have aliens

or the undead after the girl; no, it’s “Alien Vampires … in search

of the one substance they need to survive: Teenage Blood!”

I’d say the producer of “Eaten

Alive” has long since burst the pesky bonds of logic.

A final category: Odd government/medical

conspiracies. This first one could have been cosponsored by the

people at the Weekly World News (if they’d been around in 1957)

and the cold-war-era U.S. governmental agency that brought us Duck and Cover.

Zsa Zsa Gabor must be so proud.

(Actually, she might be.)

And then there’s the medical experiment

gone awry in the split-personality of The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant.

Is it a comedy? A tragedy? A romance? A murder mystery?

Something about the font of the title

makes me imagine a sequel: The Incredibly True Adventures of The

Two-Headed Girl in Love
. Tagline: There’s a second time for

every first time for everything!

And here are a couple of my personal

nominations for “embarrassing,” if in a fun way. First,

Night of the Lepus
. How many cartoony sets of rabbit eyes

does terror have?

And there’s The Angry Red Planet‘s

bat with its sizzling eye-beams. (Actually, it reminds me of Australia’s flying foxes. But those don’t shoot death

rays out of their eyes. Er, as far as I know.)

Any other posters deserve to

make the list? Post ’em in the comments. (And, on the long

shot anybody’s seen one of these flicks, do share.)

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