Jill and Karman invade the “Exes & Ohs” cast party


Earlier this week, two-thirds of the We’re

Getting Nowhere
trio (Dara couldn’t make it) attended the Exes

& Ohs
cast party at the bar Eleven in L.A., which was packed with out actresses and their friends.

Fortunately, someone followed Jill and Karman around with a video camera and sent me the footage to edit together into a fun little clip. Because it’s a party, the lighting and audio isn’t great, but I snagged the clips that were audible and turned the rest into a musical montage.

Yes, I clearly have too much free time &#8212 but my insomnia is your gain! Watch it now here:

We also have footage of Michelle Paradise,

Marnie Alton, Megan Cavanagh and Angela Featherstone

talking about the show and how excited they are that it’s finally debuting.

Lastly, just because I think it’s hilarious, I’m reposting Julie Goldman‘s

interview with Michelle as part of The Julie

Goldman Celesbian Interview Special
, a parody of celebrity interviews filmed earlier this year:

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"Did you think a show about tic-tac-toe would really take off?"

Hee. Love that Julie Goldman. And that Michelle.

(If you can’t get enough of Michelle after watching this and her AfterEllen.com

video blog
, check out her blog,

official website,

and MySpace


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