French and Saunders do Winehouse and Britney


Things that make me wish I lived in England: Afternoon tea, Wimbledon, the Union Jack, Kate Winslet and, now, this picture.

Yes, that is Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders dressed as celebrity train wrecks du jour Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears. The comedy team of French and Saunders took on the notorious bad girls for their upcoming BBC1 retrospective, A Bucket o’ French & Saunders. The six-episode series begins airing Sept. 7 … if you live in the U.K. Bloody hell.

The skit will involve a beehived French/Winehouse pushing a shopping cart trolley full of empty booze bottles while a bedraggled Saunders/Britney wanders about with bad extensions and worse acne. This isn’t the first time the dynamic duo has taken on little Miss Oops! I Did It Again. The pair has parodied Britney and Madonna’s “Me Against the Music” video in the past. The bed frame scene alone makes it worth a look.

And let’s not forget their inspired Tipping the Velvet spoof Tippin’ o’ the Velveteen. I laughed my arse off.

The only sad news amid the hilarity? French and Saunders’ upcoming retrospective will probably be their last show. After 20 years performing together — and 30 years as friends — the women are hanging up their sketch comedy act. Read a very thorough profile about their decision from the Sunday Times here (and I mean thorough — at times I thought I was reading a therapy session transcript instead of a celebrity interview).

But take heart, they’ve committed to a farewell tour next spring. And we’ll always have the memories. And French’s dead-on Bjork impression.

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