Where have you been?


My name is globalgrrl, and I am a map addict. Antique

, Google

, mind

&#8212 I love ’em all. So my new favorite timewaster is the Visited

and Visited

site. It’s simple and addictive; select locations from a list

and the site generates a personalized map of your travels, your family history,

the places where you are considered an outlaw for being too much of a Mandana

fan &#8212 wait a minute, that last one’s just me.

I’ll get on that empty half of the country (later this week, in fact) but I hope to someday fill out the entire thing. In the meantime,

I’ve been having fun with a few other permutations.

There’s the obvious choice &#8212 places where I can strive to achieve bed-death legally &#8212 but that lone, Massachusetts-shaped red spot is just too depressing to look at.

The world map is almost as sad, especially if you take away Canada:

The list of countries where Angelina has adopted kids will soon overtake that one, especially if she really does

take next year off
, and the list of places where the majority of straight women voters would switch teams

for her is just too easy.

I’ve done far too many of these already, and it hasn’t gotten boring yet. So readers, where have you been?

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