Got Milk? Hayden Panettiere does


I spent most of this past Saturday afternoon fighting my way through crowds over at the Minnesota State Fair. For those of you who’ve never been there, which I’m guessing is many of you, we Minnesotans have a strange fascination with heads sculpted in butter. Each year at the fair, we crown Princess Kay of the Milky Way (yes, that is her official title) to be a spokesperson for the midwest dairy industry. Then at the fair, we stick her in a cooler with a sculptor and an enormous block of butter. Her likeness gets carved and we stand around watching while she freezes her behind off for the sake of dairy. I’m going to guess that by the time she’s done, she would prefer the route the milk folks have taken.

Hayden Panettiere certainly didn’t mind the photo shoot, though I’m certain a few of you would have volunteered to keep her warm while her butter head was being carved. Here’s a short clip with a little behind-the-scenes action from the photo shoot and some comments from Panettiere on the honor of being the next milk face.



I might have mentioned something previously about my admiration for female stars who don’t feel the need to be a size 0 and aren’t afraid of dessert. I happen to like “normal” sized people, people with a curve or two. So I love the fact that the folks in charge of choosing who shows up on the Got Milk? ads tend not to choose women whose ribs hang out for all to see. The most recent selection is none other than my second favorite hero, Hayden Panettiere. Yes, I said my second favorite hero. She’s not the first to have donned the milk mustache. Masi Oka was first, and he happens to be my favorite hero.

I have a minor thing against cheerleaders. I was the geek in high school, and some of the cheerleaders weren’t exactly nice to me. You’d think I’d be over that by now, but it’s a little like small children who never really get over their irrational fear of clowns, even as adults. Seems my brain just won’t let it go. Of course, Hayden and Eliza Dushku have helped me move past it to a certain extent. It’s hard to look at these two and maintain my anti-cheerleader stance.

Panettiere recently turned 18 and joked with David Letterman about her ability to legally purchase cigarettes and porn. I’m guessing that may not be the kind of wholesome-girl image the milk people were hoping for, but it was rather funny. In addition to her appearance on Letterman to hawk the Heroes season 1 DVD, she’s also busy filming season 2. Plus, she’s a budding singer with an album reportedly on the way. Not bad for an indestructable cheerleader.

I know we lost our lesbian cheerleader to another show, but do you think we can convince the powers that be to expose Claire’s sexuality as something other than entirely straight?

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