Morning Brew: “Glee” rumor causes a stir


Happy Friday Morning, Brewbies! I’m lending a hand today while Trish Bendix heads to Detroit for Lady Parts Justice’s V to Shining V Event. There will be events across the country on Saturday to celebrate the movement, so check out their website to find one near you.


Holy shtako! Defiance has been renewed for a third season, which means more Jaime Murray and Julie Benz on our teevees in 2015.

Lesbian Twitter nearly exploded in a burst of glitter when spoilers (alert!) started making the rounds yesterday that there is a Brittana proposal in the works for Glee’s final season. While there is no official confirmation from Fox or Ryan Murphy and Co, this would be a pretty epic way for Brittany and Santana to bid adieu to Glee. For more scoop, head over to MJS Big Blog.


Looks who’s going to be on The Ellen Show! It’s Janel Parrish who is rocking it on Dancing with the Stars. She’ll always be Mona Vanderwaal to us.

Samantha Allen over at The Daily Dot has written a think piece called, “What Disney Movies Taught Me About Being Gay.”

MTV News oh so kindly reminded us that Kristin Cavallari played a lesbian on Veronica Mars. I’m not the only one still holding out for Mac though, am I?

The full first season of the highly anticipated Amazon Prime series Transparent will be available starting today. Will you be binge watching it this weekend? Check back soon for our first recap!

Buzzfeed has an interesting piece about Jenny Durkan, the out lesbian attorney who is being considered as a replacement for current Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder announced that he is stepping down on Thursday.

Here in the Brew, we’ve been keeping up with the ongoing story of Michigan teacher Barb Webb who was fired recently from Marian High School in Bloomfield Hills Michigan for being pregnant. Webb, a married lesbian, was let go for violating the schools morality clause. In a bit of positive news, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who run Marian High School, have announced that they will begin re-viewing some of their previously held positions. More compassion is always a good thing.

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