Betty’s world is brighter, bolder, Bettyer


No other show on TV can make me grin and giggle and generally feel good about the world as much as Ugly Betty can. The minute I see Betty’s bright red glasses and even brighter smile, it’s all sunshine and kittens and pratfalls. So, ask me how excited I am about the impending start of the second season on Sept. 27?

Yeah, that happy. And you know what else is making me grin and giggle and generally feel good about the world and want to go out dancing? The new season 2 promo, featuring Mika’s “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful).”

Mika’s catchy little ditty makes me want to move my feet (though, uh, in what universe is America Ferrera big? Curvy, yes. Big, puh-lease.). The promo is part of the new season’s “Brighter, Bolder, Bettyer” campaign. Check out the “Making Of” video, which explains it all and gives us more great behind-the-scenes Bettyliciousness.

Really, the only thing Ugly Betty is missing is a gay woman. Memo to Producers: With Ignacio out of the picture, perhaps Hilda find comfort in the arms of some gorgeous-yet-sensitive supermodel she meets when she stops in to the Mode offices. Or perhaps you could bring back Salma Hayek’s Sofia and have her tell Daniel the real reason she didn’t go through with the engagement. Or perhaps Betty realizes all those late nights in Christina’s clothing closet were a metaphor for her true feelings. Bottom line: With all these beautiful women in the cast, you need a lesbian and you need one now.

In other (more spoilery — there, you’ve been warned) news, the second season will continue the show’s big-name guest star parade, including appearances by Victoria Beckham and Vanessa Williams’ ex-husband Rick Fox. Betty will get a potential new love interest in the form of Six Feet Under alum Freddy Rodriguez (but don’t worry, Henry will be back, too). And the best news of all, the all-singing, all-dancing musical episode is in the works, with music by Hairspray composer Marc Shaiman.

And if you just can’t wait until Sept. 27, the season one DVD box set came out this week. You can never get enough Betty — or enough America, for that matter.

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