Selma Blair, you’re killing me


First news that your character in the upcoming film Feast of Love leaves her man to be with a woman.

Then the Leibovitz Gap ad.

And now this:

And this:

And this:

Just what is a girl to do?

For one, give credit where credit is due: I’m ever so grateful to and for informing me of Selma Blair‘s September cover shoot in U.K. magazine Dazed & Confused. However, it’s with credit to Blair’s genuinely interesting personality that I looked away from the photos for more than a moment.

The actress comes across as remarkably down to earth, a little bit dark, and just the right amount of confident —

“I don’t bleach my teeth, I chain-smoke, I’m flat-chested, I don’t mind being nude, I’m not precious, I’m pale as a ghost, I have crow’s feet, and I believe I can play anybody.”

— and her directors seem to agree. Tom Shankland, who worked with her on the upcoming Waz, describes Blair as having “her own, slightly off-centre way of seeing the world,” and Lori Petty speaks with respect of Blair’s willingness to film The Poker House, with gratitude for her patience during the rough shoot and with amusement of her tendency to joke with the crew “until they blushed.”

Blair talks in the article about being happier than she’s ever been, and says that she’s “finally starting to see how all my flaws add up to something unique.” I couldn’t agree more. (Although I do find myself asking, Flaws? What flaws?)

Blair also says that she cherishes books. Now all she has to do is announce the one that got her hooked or appear on a celebrity READ poster and I’m truly a goner.

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