“Our Kate” is our Kate, too.


Kate Winslet snorts when she laughs.

And according to “Our Kate,” her latest interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, she laughs a lot. Mostly at herself. Self-deprecation is so endearing. Especially when you look like this.

She’s not No. 3 on the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 list for nothing.

One of the things I love about Kate is that she would agree 100 percent with Siege’s rant about Drop Dead Diva. Ms. Winslet is proud of her curves. In fact, she tells Harper’s why she’s suing British pub Grazia for reporting that she was seeing a diet doctor.

“Not only because I don’t want people writing things about me that are untrue, but because I would hate any woman to read that and believe it. Because then it would mean that I am immediately a hypocrite.”

She likes to remind fans that she doesn’t wake up looking gorgeous.

“I want people to see that I’m the girl next-door — I’m just like everyone else — but with a great hair stylist, great make-up and a fab frock that has been made to fit.”

I wish she were the girl next door to me.

Winslet also tells a lovely story about sitting in the tub with her daughter, Mia.

“She grabs hold of my belly and says, ‘Lovely soft flobbedy belly,’ and she grabs hold of my boobs and says, ‘Dingly dangly dingly dangly.’ I would never bat her away because I don’t want her to think mummy doesn’t want her belly commented upon, because it’s a negative.”

She loves her body just the way it is. We all love it, Kate. A lot. In fact, let’s take a few moments to enjoy it as we peruse these photos from Harper’s.

While we’re fantasizing, let’s revisit the photo that had us all guessing what happened next.

Lest you think the possibilities are limited, let me remind you of the time Winslet told Meryl Streep she wanted to French kiss her.

Winslet also tells Harper’s about working with Leonardo DiCaprio again and being directed by her husband, Sam Mendes. Read the entire interview, courtesy of popsugar.com, here. After all, we’ll let the British claim her. But she’s our Kate, too.

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