“Out at the Wedding”: Jill Bennett and Julie Goldman save the day


I finally saw Out at the Wedding recently, and I must admit I didn’t love it. I mean, it was light and fun, but it was also kinda slow in spots, which is really not what you want in a screwball comedy. But I did enjoy the cameos.

Yes, the cameos. The little appearances by Julie Goldman (The Big Gay Sketch Show) and Jill Bennett (Dante’s Cove and the South of Nowhere video blog We’re Getting Nowhere) were adorable. Maybe I just enjoy it when I can point at the screen and say, “Look, it’s so-and-so!” Or in this case, “Look, it’s that really funny/cute/awesome chick!”

Here’s Julie the pool shark:

And here’s Jill (fifty bonus points if you know who she’s with in this scene):

And of course star Cathy DeBuono is lovely to behold. (Clearly I’ve moved beyond cameos with that comment.)

Hmm, what didn’t I like about this movie again?

Read our review of Out at the Wedding and, if you can’t catch the film at a festival somewhere, keep an eye on Netflix and try to be patient. It’ll get there eventually!

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