Michelle Rodriguez reads books, punches no one


Yeah, I can’t believe it’s headline news either. But TMZ.com busted Michelle Rodriguez earlier this week — exiting a bookstore and sauntering down the street without causing any sort of ruckus. Also, she was walking with a “gal pal,” aka another woman in close proximity. Believe it or not, the clip is posted all over celeb websites (watch it here).

So. What did we learn from this?

Um. Maybe, Michelle Rodriguez knows how to read. Wait. Why is this surprising? Because some people expect girls, especially pretty girls, particularly hot young stars, to be illiterate? Or because Rodriguez likes to have a good time and sit down with the occasional book? Surely a mix of the above qualities in one woman isn’t that astounding. Just ask Missy Elliott, Aishwarya Rai, or Julia Stiles.

Or maybe we learned that, despite her reputation, Rodriguez has extraordinary patience. Seriously, watch the clip. Mother Teresa might have taken a swing at the smarmy dude interviewing. Goodness knows I’d have been tempted.

Hold on. I know. We learned that just because you can rhyme words, sometimes you shouldn’t. Seriously. “Gal pal?” In cases such as these, that’s an overused cliché implying playgirl or boy. (On a completely unrelated note, it’s also a brilliant invention to remove deodorant stains.) Just come out and say it, TMZ — you think she’s out with a lover. Please, spare us the coyness and bad rhyming. If you were writing on paper, I’d take away your pencil. I’ll just have to find another Rodriguez photo to remind me why internet celebrity sites can be worth a visit.

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