Kristen Bell not “Lost,” may find Broadway


Without Veronica Mars this fall, TV will undoubtedly be a quieter, less mysterious place. Or at least, it will be missing the skills — not to mention sassy good looks — of Kristen Bell.

Earlier this week, rumor had it that Bell might find a place on Lost (which might have been enough to convince me to watch this next season). Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. But apparently for good cause: It’s possible that Bell may head back to Broadway.

Yep, I said head back. Or am I the only one who didn’t know that Bell studied musical theater and even played opposite Laura Linney and Liam Neeson in the The Crucible (2002)? Granted, my fan appreciation of Kristen Bell and Veronica Mars was limited to enjoying the show on a weekly basis. It never approached that obsession resulting in the ability to recite episode history and guest star bios I’ve come to associate with Joss Whedon projects. But still, this seems like something I should have known, especially after this Emmy performance (hi, Alyson Hannigan!):

According to the same report, Bell was approached during the casting of the Broadway revival of Xanadu, but turned it down due to Veronica Mars obligations (for which I believe I am grateful — I still suffer occasional nightmares involving roller skates, matching bad ’80s hair, and the most insidiously annoying song ever). Free of TV scheduling (alas!), she may very soon turn Legally Blonde, replacing Laura Bell Bundy (what’s with the musical Bells?). At the very least, she visited the show at the end of July (see photos here). I can see her doing this — my favorite scenes in Veronica Mars were always her playing ditzy blond then whipping out a snappy retort to flay some hapless bad guy (or the occasional innocent bystander) into stunned speechlessness. In fact, I’d have loved to see her burst into song, à la Fame.

Anyway, if this is true, I’m happy for her. Really. But not for me. Broadway is so very far from our TVs.

How about some photographic consolation? Here are a couple of Pulse promotion photos with Christina Milian.

And one with Charisma Carpenter (surely worthy of a fan fic story or two).

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