Barrymore, Connelly and Goodwin: He’s just not that into them


He’s Just Not That Into You sounds like a lesbian’s ideal life circumstance, doesn’t it? But it’s actually the name of a best-selling book that’s being adapted for the big screen. Drew Barrymore was previously cast as one of the principals. Jennifer Connelly (Blood Diamond, Beautiful Mind) and Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love, Walk the Line) are also in final negotiations for roles in this ensemble film. Hmmm, Barrymore, Connelly, and Goodwin? Some decent on-screen girl cuteness, that!

Although one might think He’s Just Not That Into You would make for a great lesbian anthem, it was originally written by two Sex in the City alums, Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, as a pull-no-punches self-help-style book for our straight sisters. (Or, for those of you who are not into labels, it was written for our women-who-date-men sisters.)

As we know, a devout lesbian would not want a “he” to be into her. When a he is into you and you are a lesbian, the potential for embarrassment or annoyance — or, if you win the emotional lottery, both embarrassment and annoyance — is really incredibly high. But a self-help book for women who need to identify the various signs that he’s not really into them sounds helpful indeed. If this notion can translate to the big screen, the movie might actually turn out to be a wonderful public service announcement.

In wondering what the film is based on, I did a little cursory research and read a few excerpts from the book. The excerpts are admittedly rather amusing (though painfully blunt), but trying to picture any of this happening to Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly and Ginnifer Goodwin suddenly made it all seem suspect.

I’m a little confused about who actually wrote the screenplay, since original reports named Behrendt and Tuccillo as co-writers of the movie version, but current reports (and probably the more accurate reports) name Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, writers of Barrymore’s Never Been Kissed, as penners of the adaptation. Either way, here’s the gist of the synopsis for this romantic comedy:

“In the film, a woman who can’t seem to get a grip on the men in her life pursues an advice columnist who never quite knew what he wanted in a relationship.”

How this will be funny is not clear from the synopsis, but with director Ken Kwapis (Freaks and Geeks, The Office) at the helm, there’s a chance the comedy and romance will somehow emerge onto the screen.

I’m a sucker for a good romantic comedy, so I’ll keep my eye on this one. The casting news was interesting to me, because if I have to watch the dating rituals of men not being interested in women, I at least want to enjoy the women the men are not interested in. Hey, maybe this movie will create a way to get word to women that there are alternatives to this male-female dating ritual that I am so unfamiliar with. (The ritual, not the alternative.)

My other interest is in the name of the movie alone. It has great parody potential with a She’s Just Way Too Into You: A Lesbian Guide on How Not to U-haul After Just One Date of a Foreign Film and Tapas or She’s Just Not That Into You … Today: A Lesbian Guide on How to Deal With Women Who Follow Their Daily Astrological Forecasts as Primary Religion or maybe even She’s Just Not Worth It to You: A Lesbian Guide to Breaking Up Relationships That Never Worked From the Beginning Even Though You Somehow Thought You Could Make It Work Because You Are the Queen of the Universe.

Anyway, production of the actual film is scheduled for September. Barrymore’s Flower Films is the production company; the film will be distributed by New Line Cinema. The pre-production notes also list Kevin Connolly, Justin Long and Bradley Cooper as costars. Yes, there are men in the film. The title tells us that.

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