Casting update: “Sunset” is ready for its “Close”-up


It tentatively appears that the Sunset Boulevard powers-that-be agree with readers. Fifty-five percent of those of you who expressed an opinion chose Glenn Close as the lead — as opposed to 27 percent who wanted Meryl Streep and 18 percent who chose Barbara Streisand. According to the MTV movies blog and, Glenn Close will play the lead in the movie — when it’s eventually filmed.

The poky speed of the project is the thrust of the MTV post. Close is reputed to be frustrated that it’s taking so long for the project to move. “‘It’s going very slowly,’ sighed Glenn Close.” She sighed. That kills me. However, she’s optimistic that the success of Chicago and Hairspray will bode well for this project. Notably, she did not mention the last Andrew Lloyd Webber movie musical, Phantom of the Opera, which was not such a big hit.

Thanks to all of you who expressed your opinion. Of the Close-voters, I think notl33t put it best:”I’m all for Glenn Close. I think the sheer manic qualities of her Cruella De Vil are enough of a testament to her abilities to be believably crazy on screen.”

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